GUARDIANS OF THE HIGHLANDS – Connery comes out of retirement for Scottish animation

USA TODAY  April 5th

At age 83, Sean Connery has come out of movie retirement to ride a skateboard on-screen.

At least that’s what Connery’s animated character Sir Billi does in Guardian of the Highlands, now out on Blu-Ray/DVD and on demand.

The Hollywood icon best known as portraying British spy James Bond took on his first major animated role voicing a Scottish vet trying to save the last beaver in Scotland.

“This is James Bond meets Indiana Jones in the Scottish highlands,” says writer Tessa Hartmann. “Sir Billi is an eccentric veterinarian grandpa figure fighting to save this beaver.”

Her business partner and director husband, Sascha Hartmann, believes the proud Scotsman took the role on because the entire animated production took place out of their burgeoning Scottish studio.

“Sir Sean is a very big supporter of Scotland,” says Tessa Hartmann. “He liked the idea of doing something completely original, something that had passion. But also something that was born and created in Scotland for the world.”

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