‘ARROWS OF FIRE ’ Debuts on Digital VOD and Streaming Platforms – September 6!

Los Angeles – August 15, 2016

Across the Spectacular Australian Outback

A Powerful Story of Comradeship; of Discovery; of Endurance!

A unique and powerful motorcycle adventure taking audiences across the vast Australian outback, Random Media proudly presents the national digital VOD and streaming debut of Arrows of Fire on September 6, 2016. What began as documentary filmmakers taking a respite from everyday life by taking an extreme adventure — became instead a very personal story testing the bonds of friendship and family as the group came face-to-face with their own mortality, when one member suffers a terrible accident in the remotest part of the journey. A true-life adventure filmed by the riders themselves without the assistance of support vehicles, using only on-board cameras, the film brings audiences closer to the action and ultimately the dramatic story. More than just a chronicle of a picturesque ride in the Australian outback, Arrows of Fire is a compelling, thought-provoking tale of comradeship, discovery and endurance, through the eye of the rider.

The debut digital VOD and streaming release of Arrows of Fire includes iTunes, Amazon, Youtube, X-Box, VUDU, FandanagoNOW and more.

Logline: Seeking relief from city life, four mates ride motorbikes into the Australian outback where a disaster fractures their mateship and calls into question their need for adventure.

Arrows of Fire stars Josh Evans, Paul Evans, Duncan Menge and Ben Rollison. It was created by Lost Highway Productions and is written and directed by Duncan Menge. The film is produced by Duncan Menge and Josh Evans.

About the ‘Eye of the Rider’ Series:

‘Eye Of The Rider’ is a series of films exploring the mind of the motorcycle rider. Arrows Of Fire is the latest installment. These documentaries are some of the earliest examples of filmmaking using “Point-Of-View” cameras to show the action from the riders’ perspective. Duncan Menge and Josh Evans do this by using a variety of cameras, some mounted on the rider, some on the bike.

Official Film Synopsis

Arrows of Fire is more than just a chronicle of a father, his adult son and two mates on a picturesque motorcycle ride in the Australian outback. Drawing parallels between the early space explorers, Paul, Josh, Duncan and Ben don their riding gear and take off on a journey into their physical, mental and emotional limits. The ride will ultimately test the bonds of their mate-ship as they seek respite from every-day life through adventure.

However, what confronts them is something they could never prepare for, coming face-to-face with their own mortality when Josh crashes in the remote Australian Outback and needs to be rescued by the Flying Doctors. As Josh undergoes emergency surgery to save his leg, his absence sparks a chain of events that plays out beyond the completion of the ride, as friendships fracture with Ben when he shows a lack of compassion towards the crash incident, and he clashes with Duncan as Paul leaves to join his son in hospital. Duncan and Ben keep riding to the planned destination but the damage is done and ultimately Ben stops riding motorbikes.

The journey also brings Paul face-to-face with his greatest fear, and a recurring dream becomes a reality as he cradles his son’s head in his lap after the crash. Fortunately, Paul’s life and that of his son are changed for the better but the scars of the crash are felt by all involved for many years to come.

Filmed by the motorbike riders with no support vehicles and using on-board cameras to put you in the saddle with the action, Arrows of Fire tells the story of comradeship, discovery and endurance through the eye of the rider.

About Random Media:

Random Media is a content company that acquires and distributes films on a worldwide basis through movie theatres, conventional brick and mortar retailers, digital platforms, cable and satellite companies and television networks.  Random Media’s library includes such acclaimed films as The Motel Life, Escape From TomorrowThe Visit, Meth Head and For Those in Peril.






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