Random Media Announces the Acquisition & Release of ‘TOMORROW, MAYBE’

Random Media releases the highly anticipated family-drama film, ‘TOMORROW, MAYBE’, starring Robert Blanche (Men of Honor), Bethany Jacobs (The Drunk Series), Grant Davis (Crimson and Clover) and Brian Sutherland (Z Nation) on DVD, On-Demand and on all digital platforms August 20, 2019.

Directed by Jace Daniel, ‘TOMORROW, MAYBE’ follows Lloyd Hayek (Robert Blanche), a career criminal who spent the last five years in jail for dealing drugs. Upon release he attempts to reunite with his estranged daughter Iris (Bethany Jacobs). While Lloyd was in jail, Iris married an undercover narcotics detective who is dealing with some major issues. Iris’s life is falling apart, and things begin to spin out of control from the opening scene in this fast-moving drama.

‘TOMORROW, MAYBE’ had its world premiere at the 20thedition of the independent film festival Dances With Films (DWF), and won Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor at the Portland Indie Film Festival.

OFFICIAL TRAILERhttps://youtu.be/sLdk_bKKBRU

About Random Media: 

Random Media is a content company that acquires and distributes films on a worldwide basis through movie theatres, digital platforms, cable and satellite companies, television networks and conventional brick and mortar retailers. Random Media’s library includes such acclaimed films as Escape From Tomorrow, The Visit, Killswitch: The Battle To Control The Internet and The Landing.






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