Random Media Proudly Debuts HAMLET IN THE GOLDEN VALE

Random Media proudly announces the home entertainment debut of New York-based theater company Roll the Bones’ ambitious and unique film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, with HAMLET IN THE GOLDEN VALE, on DVD, Digital and VOD, beginning October 8, 2019. The production follows a team of actors to a five-hundred-year-old castle in Co. Tipperary, Ireland where—over the course of three weeks—a unique re-telling of Shakespeare’s greatest work emerges. This groundbreaking film tells a story-within-a-story, blurring the lines between the actors and their characters. A new take on the classic tale, HAMLET IN THE GOLDEN VALE is the story of eight actors living in close quarters — immersed in the world of Hamlet.

In addition to the feature, the team also tackled a 360 Virtual Reality experience with production support from theNational Theatre’s ‘Immersive Storytelling Studio’ and presented two onsite immersive performances for the surrounding community. Out of this threefold creative endeavor comes an adaptation that lives at the intersection of, and blurs the lines between, theatre and cinema.

TRAILER:  https://youtu.be/TGKvp0ipCls

HAMLET IN THE GOLDEN VALE is co-directed by Taylor Myers and Dan Hasse.  The sweeping historical drama stars Taylor Myers as Hamlet; Elise Kibler as Ophelia / Osric; Pat Dwyer as Claudius / The Ghost / Lead Player; Beth Ann Hopkins as Gertrude / Player Queen; Jonathan Hopkins as Polonius / Player King / Gravedigger / Francisco; Anthony Vaughn Merchant as Horatio; Constantine Malahias as Rosencrantz / Guildenstern / Marcellus; and Yuriy Pavlish as Laertes / Barnardo.  It is produced by Dan Hasse, Cory Fraiman-Lott, Katy Lueck, Constantine Malahias, Taylor Myers, Yuriy Pavlish and Benjamin Wygonik

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