3 Days

Directed By Julian Beltran

Julian Beltran

Ryan Mozek, Amy Tekell, Leah Weinberger

Johnny Walter, LeMarc Johnson, Natalie Makenna, Dave Pantano, Oryan West

3 Days

Jeff wakes up to the news that he has just been murdered. Homer, his case worker through the death process, informs Jeff that in order to move on, Jeff must first determine whether he deserves to go to heaven or to hell. In order to fairly judge himself, Jeff’s memories are wiped clean and he must now relive the last 3 days of his life. His first day back, Jeff wakes up locked in a cage in the middle of nowhere, he’s bloodied to a pulp and can’t speak through a broken jaw. Before he can begin to make any sense of it all, Jeff is shot in the back of the head. On his second day, Jeff wakes up in a comfortable bed. All seems fine until he realizes that a dead girl is lying next to him. Jeff panics and rushes out of the house, but little does he know that Mr. G, a violently dangerous mob boss, wants an explanation for his dead daughter. Before long, Mr. G captures him and puts Jeff through agonizing torture trying to g et the truth from him. Without getting any satisfying answers, Mr. G locks Jeff in the familiar cage in the middle of nowhere for the night. Jeff drifts to sleep and wakes up on the third day. Understand ing that he is going backwards through his last days, Jeff has to find out what he did to Mr. G’s daughter.

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