A Ghost and the Boy with the box on his head

Directed By Philip Blue

Philip Blue

Heather Lynn

Mykal Rees Davis, Catherine Velarde, Pedro Garcia, Lassiter Holmes, Eric Garcia

A Ghost and the Boy with the box on his head

Theo meets his perfect girl whom no one else can see. Her name is Sadie and she’s everything he’s envisioned; down to the eerily similar doodles he made while daydreaming about her.

Denying the reality that others impose on him about her existence, he fights to hold on to her perfection. He is sent to a psychiatric hospital after irrefutable proof confirms he has a mental illness. Here, he rediscovers Sadie and goes through an adventure into the depths of his mind while battling diagnoses of schizophrenia. After being prescribed medication to cure his delusions, Theo runs away with Sadie. Once he is caught and sent back home, he must make the ultimate decision. Either he takes the medication and conforms to society or sacrifices himself to find happiness with Sadie, even if it’s only in his mind. Based on quantum theories about how we create the world around us, this film argues that in our love delusions, we are creating a real person worth fighting for.

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