A life not to follow

Directed By Christopher Di Nunzio

Pedro Alvarado, Christopher Di Nunzio

Pedro Alvarado, William Bloomfield, Christopher Di Nunzio, Melanie Kotoch, Jason Miller, Jami Tennille, Nolan Yee

Michael Capozzi, Fiore Leo, Molly Kay, David Graziano, William Bloomfield

A life not to follow

A Neo-Noir film told in three interlacing chapters: Eric is a dead man and he knows it. Death is imminent and he must make amends for his past sins, by killing those who wronged him, no matter the price: A wiseguy willing to do anything to move up in the world must now make the ultimate sacrifice. He must kill his best friend or in turn be killed: An F.B.I.agent turned P.I. is on the trail of a missing girl. In his long search for her he comes face to face with a host of unsavory characters who will lead him to perdition or salvation.

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