Amber Alert

Directed By Kerry Bellessa

Kerry Bellessa | Josh Oram

Summer Bellessa, Kerry Bellessa, Trevor Engelson

Summer Bellessa, Chris Hill, Jasen Wade

Amber Alert

Amber Alert proves A RESOURCEFUL LITTLE THRILLER. Director Kerry Bellessa, who also co-wrote with Joshua Oram, effectively pairs the “found footage” sub-genre with some “don’t go in there” chills to create a film that feels both current and enjoyably retro. – The Los Angeles Times

While filming their audition video for a popular reality television show, best friends Nate and Samantha notice several active AMBER Alert signs. To their surprise, they recognize the car traveling in front of them as the vehicle described on the AMBER Alert. Sam and Nate decide to follow the car, but with police slow to respond, their pursuit quickly turns into a high-stakes game of cat and mouse with a murderous child rapist.

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