Hamlet in the Golden Vale

Directed By Taylor Myers, Daniel Hasse

William Shakespeare, Daniel Hasse (Adaptation)

Taylor Myers, Daniel Hasse, Cory Fraiman-Lott, Katy Lueck, Constantine Malahias, Taylor Myers, Yuriy Pavlish, Benjamin Wygonik

Taylor Myers, Elise Kibler, Pat Dwyer, Beth Ann Hopkins, Jonathan Hopkins, Anthony Vaughn Merchant, Constantine Malahias, Yuriy Pavlish

Hamlet in the Golden Vale

In the spring of 2017, ROLL THE BONES—a New York-based immersive theater company—took over a five-hundred-year-old castle in Ireland. A threefold creative endeavor emerged: a live immersive performance, a 360° virtual reality experience, and this film. Modern in spirit while faithful to Shakespeare’s text, eight actors living in close quarters immersed in the world of Hamlet for three weeks straight. It is the mission of this company and the Hamlet project to expand the dimensions of Shakespeare’s story, to inspire our audience to hazard the unfamiliar, and to make choices that captivate them. Hamlet, this endless source of fascination, thrives as one of humanity’s purest plunges into the search for meaning—its reach is all-encompassing.

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