Lola’s Last Letter

Directed By Valerie Brandy

Valerie Brandy

Sherri Lennon

Valerie Brandy, Annamarie Kenoyer, Travis Quentin Young, Peter Banifaz and Tom Colitt

Lola’s Last Letter

Lola, a 22 year old ex-con who spends her time completing her community service by picking up trash on the side of the highway– is making an apology video letter for her mysterious pen-pal “Henry.” Through her antics, which range from darkly humorous to heartbreakingly honest, we discover a girl who’s full of contradictions. Tugged in opposite directions by her best friend Ree, and her new love interest Sam, Lola tries to piece her life back together in the aftermath of a huge mistake. Lola seeks the answer to a question familiar to anyone who’s ever done something they wish they hadn’t: “How do we move on?”

“Actress, [Valerie] Brandy is breathtakingly real and raw as the emotionally barren Lola – her work utterly unforgettable…”

– Jason Coleman, StarPulse

“Lola’s Last Letter explores atonement and redemption with a unique twist.”  

 – Jennifer O’Connell, The Examiner

“Relatable, tragic and provocatively honest.”

 – Dances with Films

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