Sarah Q

Directed By John Gallagher

John Gallagher & Joe Benedetto

John Gallagher, Joe Benedetto, Paul Mammano, JB Bruno

Emmy James, Ashlee Macropolous, Tony Sirico, Vincent Pastore, Burt Young, Sally Kirkland, Federico Casteluccio

Sarah Q

18-year-old Sarah Quintana leaves small town life where she has been raised by loving grandparents (Oscar nominee Burt Young, JOKER’s Sondra James). Moving to Manhattan to train at an acting conservatory, she becomes friends with fellow students Luna (Ashlee Macropoulos), Josie (Sarah Seeds) and Dom (Dominick LaRuffa). She also finds an apartment in Greenwich Village owned by the ex-hippie former lover of her grandpa (played by Oscar nominee Sally Kirkland). Sarah struggles with a creepy neighbor, a shady agent, psychotic acting teachers, and ill- behaved high school girls before going to work making illicit deliveries for two crooked ex-cop (THE SOPRANOS’ Tony Sirico, Vincent Pastore). When she meets a shady indie director (THE SOPRANOS’ William DeMeo) she starts working with NYPD Detective Belson (THE DEUCE’s Garry Pastore) to bring him down and find some meaning in her young life.

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