Secret Lives of Dorks

Directed By Salomé Breziner

Dominic Ianno (The Whistleblower, Soul Surfer), Stephen Israel (Swimming with Sharks, G.B.F.), Steven J. Wolfe (500 Days of Summer, Phat Girlz)

Gaelan Connell, Riley Voelkel, Vanessa Marano, Beau Mirchoff, Jim Belushi, Jennifer Tilly, Mike Ditka

Secret Lives of Dorks

 “A FUNNY and BIG-HEARTED coming-of-age romance!” – The Los Angeles Times

In The Secret Lives of Dorks, Payton (Gaelan Connell) is a pathetic dork, a comic book geek whose high school career is one hopeless faux pas after another. Yet he’s a dreamer and madly in love with the head cheerleader Carrie (Riley Voelkel), who he is determined to win over. But she is wise to his desperate advances, so to get off his radar she creates a plan to push him into the arms of a dorkette at the school, Samantha (Vanessa Marano).

In this high school equation: Peyton wants Carrie; Carrie wants Peyton to instead hook up with Samantha; Samantha wants Peyton. But even the simplest formula can equal disaster when a cheerleader tries to play matchmaker to a dork and a dorkette. After a chance encounter with Carrie’s football player boyfriend Clark (Beau Mirchoff), Payton is brought into their social circle and doesn’t really care about their motives; he’s just happy to be near Carrie. She tries to improve his social skills in order to ask Samantha out and her plan just might work, but this is Payton we’re talking about.

With adult wisdom imparted by the likes of Payton’s dad (Jim Belushi), his teacher (Jennifer Tilly), and the real Mike Ditka, Payton’s life shifts into high gear from lonely misery to utter disaster.

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