Sleeper Cell: The Algerian

Directed By Giovanni Zelko

Kaleem Ansari, Anil Babbar, Gil Bindelglas, Solomon Campbell, Ian Chase, John Damon, Danny Davalos, Moshe C. Friedman, David Michael Katz, Martin Lazniarz

Ben Youcef, Candice Coke, Harry Lennix

Sleeper Cell: The Algerian

Ben Youcef’s riveting performance in this masterful and award-winning story penned by Director Giovanni Zelko and developed by both Ben and Giovanni, asks what happens when two worlds at odds collide? The plotline follows Ali (Ben Youcef) around the globe from Algeria to the U.S. as we slowly find he is, in fact, a part of a terrorist sleeper cell. The story, however, takes a twist as the relationships which Ali forms along the way with Patrick (Josh Pence), a soldier Ali befriends playing pool, Sara (Tara Holt) Ali’s love interest, and Lana (Candice Coke), halt his one-sided perception, driven by revenge. As Ali struggles between the world where he came from, the world in which he now lives, and the ideals which are sometimes at odds with one another, he takes us on a mirroring journey of resonating adventure in the ideals, questions, and emotional sifting that is not just asked and answered by the storyteller but meant to be asked of the audience themselves.

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