The Last Treasure Hunt

Directed By Patrick Biesemans

Kate Murdoch and Casey Nelson

Brad Benedict, Mary Boy, Jeff Croghan, Alexandra Daniels, Nate Donaldson, Danny Finnerty, Christopher Lee, Jessica Mathews, Marissa Morgan

Kate Murdoch, Casey Nelson, Art LaFleur, Kandis Fay and Sean Mahon

The Last Treasure Hunt

Oliver and Lucy Sinclair were raised by an eccentric single father with a penchant for elaborate treasure hunts meant to entertain and inspire his children. When their father unexpectedly passes away, the siblings return home to find that instead of a traditional will, he’s left them a final call to adventure from beyond the grave – one last treasure hunt.

In order to collect their inheritance, they must complete the hunt. With the threat of losing their childhood home, Oliver’s failing business and a new baby on the way, the inheritance becomes a necessity, and the duo commence the hunt in earnest. Along the way, tensions run high as they revisit the landscape of their childhood, relive their father’s loveable and infuriating quirks, and learn what it truly means to be brother and sister.

In a beautifully shot, funny, and touching tale of siblinghood, THE LAST TREASURE HUNT captures the struggle and the joy of family, and paints an unforgettable picture of love, loss, and forgiveness.

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