The Wishing Tree

Directed By Laura Adamo

Laura Adamo, Dominic Auld, Stephen Chambers

Laura Adamo, Pasha Patriki

Laura Adamo, Sebastien Roberts, Altair Vincent, Jake Michaels

The Wishing Tree

Broken by a lifetime of disappointment and pain, Julia (Adamo) leaves behind her crumbling marriage and sets off alone on an arduous hiking expedition in a quest for answers, healing and peace—searching for the fabled Wishing Tree, believed to bring good fortune to those who come to ask. On the trail, Julia encounters Caleb (Roberts) and Ryan (Vincent) lost in the woods, both struggling with their own demons of denied sexuality and addiction. Thrown together unexpectedly, they embark on a soul-searching journey of transformation, discovering that hope is sometimes found in the most unlikely ways.

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