Those left behind

Directed By Maria Finitzo

Maria Finitzo

Lije Sarki

Daphne Zuniga, Michael Hogan, Jack Griffo, Debra Mooney, Grant Jordan

Those left behind

In this touching family drama about memories, guilt, and the ghosts that lurk in our minds, a getaway to the idyllic lakeside summer home of her childhood brings 45-year old doctor Shelly (Daphne Zuniga) face to face with unresolved grief over the suicide of her younger brother Jamie when they were both in their teens. Award-winning director Maria Finitzo sensitively evokes the conflicting emotional undercurrents in the family dynamic, as an aging mom’s acceptance and a dad’s anger serve to summon up the unacknowledged absence and unsaid words, impacting not only Shelly, but also her young adult son Noah (Jack Griffith).

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