Duncan Menge

Duncan has university qualifications in film but chooses to work in the building industry. He has had multiple photography exhibitions from his travels throughout the world and produced a book on his travels in India. He prefers his work to be art rather than commercial.

Having spent most of his life traveling on public transport, Duncan’s eyes were finally opened to adventure on the bike in 2008 when he bought his KTM640. He plans to ride it for a very long time yet.

Favourite saying  – “ There’s nothing better than a cold beer, and an open fire.”

How did the ride change his life?

Upon returning from the ‘Arrows of Fire’ ride Duncan travelled to Europe, met his future wife, came home, got married (despite saying he was a bachelor for life), and (despite saying he will never want kids) 18 months after the wedding his son was born.


Films by Duncan Menge

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