Lu Chuan

Born in Xinjiang province, China, Lu Chuan is considered one of the most talented young directors in China, and has been praised for pioneering a new wave of filmmakers in his country.

After earning his master’s degree in directing from Beijing Film Academy, he broke into the film industry in 2002 with his directorial debut, THE MISSING GUN. Starring Jiang Wen, the film follows a small-town policeman as he embarks on a frantic journey to recover his missing gun. Lu Chuan followed up with KEKEXILI: MOUNTAIN PATROL in 2004, which tells the story of Tibetans who rose to protect endangered antelopes from poachers. He then shocked the world in 2009 with CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH, an uncompromising depiction of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre. Shot in luminous black and white, the film’s powerful and stark presentation of its chilling subject has earned numerous international accolades, including the coveted Los Angeles Film Critics Association ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ award.

THE LAST SUPPER, which depicts the conflict between two of China’s greatest warlords, Liu and Yu, is slated for release in China late 2012.

Feature Filmography:

Xun Qiang aka The Missing Gun (2002)

Awards: New Currents Award – Busan International Film Festival

Mountain Patrol (2004)

Awards: Special Jury Prize – Tokyo International Film Festival

Don Quixote Award – Special Mention, Berlin International Film Festival Outstanding Film – Hong Kong Film Awards

Best Film – Golden Horse Film Festival

Best Film – Golden Rooster Awards

City of Life and Death (2009)

Awards: Golden Seashell – San Sebastian International Film Festival

Best Foreign Language Film – Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards Best Director – Asian Film Awards

Achievement in Directing – Asia Pacific Screen Awards

Best Feature – Oslo Films from the South Festival


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