Nathan Reid & Jodie Bentley

Nathan Reid

Nathan Reid, an American Musical and Dramatic Academy graduate, has been acting, writing, and producing films for over 10 years. In 2008, Nathan created Prey: The Beginning; a comic book franchise, in which the first issue made the #3 of top ten sales for independent comics.  Prey has since become a force on the independent circuit and was raved about at the 2013 NYCC. His next big venture on the writing/producing front, The Jokesters, which he also starred in, was acquired for US and Canada Distribution by Random Media. A sequel is in development.  Nathan is co-founder of Reinventing Films, a bi-coastal production company that has a slate of films in all stages of development.

Jodie Bentley

Jodie Bentley has been an actor, producer/entrepreneur in the entertainment business for over 15 years. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, she made her mark on the NY theater scene before journeying west to take on the film industry. In 2013, she co-founded Reinventing Films with Nathan Reid. They produced three films in their first year, including The Jokesters, which is now being distributed by Random Media and Cinedigm. Jodie and Nathan also produced a best selling program called Reinventing Crowdfunding. Jodie is the CEO of Accelerated Artist, which helps other artists get where they want to through business mastery. She has worked as an adjunct professor teaching the business of acting at both Pace University and New York Film Academy and has taught workshops on branding, marketing and crowdfunding at SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity, NYU, UC Irvine, Comicon and Comikaze.


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