Patrick Biesemans

Opting not to go to a traditional film school, Patrick learned to explore creativity at the visual effects and design school Ex’Pression College for Digital Arts. He worked his first film job at 16, on an indie film shot in San Francisco. “It wasn’t a great film, but it was being shot on actual 35mm film, so it was a huge learning experience, and definitely set down the groundwork for what I’ve done since.” Patrick has worked in the advertising and entertainment industry for the last six years, working for such notable companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment, GREY New York, and Condé Nast Entertainment. Patrick is also part owner of Lights Down Low LLC. At LDL he acts as Director and Creative Director.

Patrick has directed nationally televised music videos, commercials, and 2 critically acclaimed short films in the last four years. As a filmmaker, Patrick likes the chance to explore and examine human emotions, scenarios, and relationships under a very close microscope, “Maybe it was the disconnect I saw in my parents, maybe it was the disconnect I saw in myself when I was a kid, but I think that’s when I decided that I’d make a career out of exploring those emotions.”

He sees filmmaking as the career best suited to facilitate that kind of curiosity. He gets to explore, document, and leave behind whatever he uncovers and deliver to others to examine themselves—for generations to come. Patrick’s background in art, design, and filmmaking coupled with his genuine interest in the human condition, give him the tools needed to make memorable and dynamically emotional pieces of film.For examples of his work please visit


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