Robert Golden

From 1999 to 2005 Robert Golden, an internationally known photographer and documentary filmmaker, created two successful television series, Savouring the World and Savouring Europe. These films are good-time stories looking at the food and culture of 26 different regions around the world. One episode was devoted to West Dorset, which filmed farmers, food producers and artisans, and others who worked in and cared for this beautiful part of the world. The film launched the Screen Bites Film Festival, which over the years has helped to develop local food and farming businesses, supported as they have been by the screenings in village halls across Dorset.

Robert was one of the most successfully food and still-life photographers in the UK and internationally in the 80’s and 90’s, adding to his portfolio as director and director of photography, 900 television food commercials and two award winning feature films.

He has since made 50 documentaries. His research about many aspects of food production and his love of food and his caring for those who work so hard to produce it has led him to make a second West Dorset film, called THIS GOOD EARTH.

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